Project Shape

Transformation trail

Short-term cash flow review and stakeholder management for a well established, highly profitable family owned business.


  • Well established highly profitable family owned business, engaged in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment for the retail sector; turnover c£10m.


  • Unexpected request made to Bank for substantial temporary increase in facilities
  • A large and unforeseen loss had occurred, principally caused by the last minute deferral of a significant customer contract
  • Bank concerned to establish whether the requirement for an increase was temporary
  • Also wanted to ensure the Company was supported through the unfamiliar territory of managing cash constraints
  • The customer / lender relationship was extremely strained and required sensitive management and facilitation through the review period

How we helped

  • Supported the customer in a better understanding of the Bank’s concerns
  • Worked with FD and provided constructive challenge to financial information
  • Aided and facilitated communications about quantum and nature of support needed


  • The required increase was granted
  • Agreed a number of specific financial and operational changes would be implemented to secure long term sustainability
  • Stakeholder and management expectations addressed

Benefits at a Glance

  • Short term cash issue resolved
  • Outlook is much more promising
  • Stronger business has emerged as result of changes agreed
  • Strained relationship remedied; important as re-bank would have been very challenging

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