IFT Higher Education webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has changed the way many universities are operating, with a number experiencing worsening finances. A potential insolvency regime for higher education could change the sector even more.

Now we have seen the re-opening of universities across the country, Andrew Jordan and Mark Taylor of Eversheds gave their perspectives of the current dynamics, risks and opportunities in Higher Education.

“It’s great to have organised and co-hosted the IFT’s HE webinar this morning. There is so much change taking place at the moment and no doubt much more long term transformation afoot as the sector focuses on ensuring resilience in a post Covid world. As well as comparing and contrasting some of the challenges with those the FE sector has battled with over recent years, Eversheds’ Partners Andrew Jordan & Mark Taylor provided valuable insight into the new HE restructuring regime which will be in the spotlight over the coming weeks and months. This was really interactive session with an interesting array of questions and observations from participants.” Jo Wright

@the_ift @LendingStdBrd Plenty of practical and constructive tips, highlighting the importance of engaging the rig… https://t.co/fLwTqjXN7R