Cash Flow Improvement

It is not uncommon for organisations to face periods of financial challenge. During this period of pressure, it is important to understand the options available and to ensure the most appropriate funding structure is in place for the best possible outcome. Access to debt and equity funding remains complex which can put further pressure on organisations in need of cash. Those looking for capital externally may be overlooking a significant source of capital in their own balance sheet.

Understanding and activating the techniques that release cash, improve efficiencies and drive down costs will increase returns and fuel growth. Addressing the funding structure makes a huge difference, especially in more challenging times.

For Further Education institutions, opportunities for cash flow improvement may appear limited given the fixed funding cycles.  However, recent experience has demonstrated that adopting a commercial approach to existing obligations and engaging effectively and early with funders, can provide an often much needed boost.  This approach should continue through the wider debt restructuring process, and can have a material impact on the ultimate level and nature of funding, and  repayment profile. The PMO’s CFADS model is a critical element to all applications for funding support, and the importance of this as part of submitting a robust and credible application should not be underestimated.  The time commitment and skill involved in complying with this often come as a surprise, which is not ideal when time and resource is precious.  We can assist with all aspects of cash flow and applications to the PMO.

For all organisations, whatever industry, early identification, evaluation and prioritisation of the options available to both to it and its stakeholders is critical to achieving a successful outcome.

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