IFT’s virtual conference panel discussion

Virtual conference

After the success of the IFT’s Virtual Conference in July 2020, the IFT hosted two regional conferences in November 2020, both of which were ran virtually on Zoom. The conferences focused on topics and sectors specific to each of the regions and further examine the economic impact of COVID-19 in these regions. Jo Wright joined a panel of leading Independent Members on how turnaround will support the recovery across all sectors.

“I was delighted to be part of this panel session which featured as part of IFT’s regional conference for the Midlands, West and Wales. The session was aimed at independent turnaround professionals and primarily focused on how turnaround will support the recovery across all sectors, and importantly the need for flexibility and innovation in how we operate and support clients going forwards after a turbulent few months, with many more still ahead.

The session was a timely reminder that the skills of turnaround professionals can really add value in times where existing management are stretched or lack certain skills, and importantly can complement or extend the existing organisational resources with specific specialisms.”

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