New year…..another 5 year plan?

New year new plan

With a new year comes renewed optimism.  But, it is also important to remain realistic about the immediate short term, as well as a business contemplating the latest 5 year plan.

Many are (still) faced with challenges associated with high borrowings, poor cash generation, under performance, or possibly are growth constrained due to an inappropriate funding structure.

There comes a point where real action is essential to address the issues and ultimately secure stability for the long term future.  In such scenarios, visibility on potential restructuring options as part of a wider turnaround plan, is beneficial for management and stakeholders.

With new year and new optimism in mind, do not forget there are at least as many dangers in a recovering economy as in a recession. Both businesses and financial stakeholders should remain vigilant during any recovery cycle to ensure they are not only well placed to benefit from an upturn, but importantly also retain flexibility to adapt quickly if there is a deteriorating situation.

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